Sinowatcher Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2005 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in China. It is a professional high-tech private enterprise devoted to developing, manufacturing and providing a wide range of ITS products such as LED Traffic Signal Lights, High flux LED Lights, Traffic Countdown Timers, Solar LED Traffic Warning Lights, Road Studs,Vehicle Detection system, Intelligent Traffic Controllers. Our LED traffic lights consume less power than other LED traffic lights in the market and have been tested and proved by domestic and overseas authorities.
Sinowatcher Technology Co. Ltd is a registered company of ISO9001:2008, 2000 Quality Management System and ISO14001 and 2004 Environmental System. Our LED traffic lights have been approved by CE, RoHS and EN12368 Certification, and Chinese GB14887-2007 standards.
In recent years, our market has expanded to more than 30 countries including Europe, South and Central America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We have successfully completed traffic light projects in countries such as Spain, Great Britain, Dominica, Bolivia, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Thailand, Nigeria, Argentina. We strive to provide high-quality ITS products, excellent technical support, and professional after-sales service while keeping our customers updated about our latest product development.

Mini Traffic Signals

52mm, 100mm and 125mm traffic light signals used at junctions, dockyards, warehouses or parking access control.

200mm Traffic Signals

Traffic and pedestrian light modules or complete sets for various traffic light applications.

300mm Traffic Signals

Traffic and pedestrian light modules or complete sets for various traffic light applications.

Traffic Countdown Signals

One, two or two and half digital units in different sizes to complement traffic lights and enhance road safety.

Warning Signals

Various sized flashing light units designed to enhance road safety, available in both AC and DC versions.

Toll Station Lights

Red cross and green arrow signals for lane control in different variations for toll stations, tunnels, and access control points.

Traffic Controllers

Fixed time, centralizable, wireless and networking traffic controller designed for various requirements of urban traffic management.

Traffic Devices

Acoustic signal device, push button, loop detector, flash controller.

Road Studs & Stobes

Road studs, in-ground signals and strobe lighting